Anti-Viral Respiratory Defense Tincture

Supreme Lung Astringent and Expectorant!
Enhances and supports the function of the lymphatic system, fights infection by preventing harmful viral replication. Detoxifies, strengthens and cleanses the respiratory system. Supports the removal of phlegm and mucus by mobilizing respiratory circulation. Provides fast effective relief from congestion.

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Respiratory Defense Tea

Helps eliminate inflammation and fights viral infection. Soothes inflammation of the mucus membranes and promotes bloodstream oxygenation, calms irritated tissues in the respiratory tract.

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Cleavers Lymphatic Defense


Nature's supreme gift to the lymphatic system! Enhances the function of the lymphatic system improves its ability to flush out harmful toxins. Cleavers is one of the most effective blood purifiers known!

Rama tulsi and Krishna tulasi, an Indian holy basil leaves (Ocimum tenuiflorum foliage) is



Queen of Herbs! Immune Boosting, abundant in antioxidants, builds stamina, anti-aging, elevates mood and spirit, relieves mild forms of depression, especially when induced from stress,  promotes cheerfulness!

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One of our best defenders against stress, anxiety and nervous tension. Our Lemon Balm Defense is a relaxing nervine, an herb that relaxes, soothes and supports the nervous system. Also great for insomnia, nervous tension and tension headaches! Such a wonderful, aromatic herbal ally with so many nourishing benefits.

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Formulated from the potent skin healers  plaintain leaf, comfrey leaf, stinging nettle leaf, lemon balm, and chamomile. Slowly macerated in cold pressed grapeseed oil and finished off with our local beeswax which is full of natural antibacterial properties.


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